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Welcome to the LC's KEYFINDERS website!
"Dog Tags for your keys"
"get them back FAST!"

**Manufacturer / Corporate / Government inquires invited!**
 We can put together a custom plan to protect your agency, employees and/or customers  at little or no cost to your company.

LC stands for Locksmith Charley. As a journeyman locksmith with over 10 years experience I have been called upon to help many people who have misplaced or had stolen their keys (and/or other possessions**). I hate to admit it but this product is an invention that I needed because I have inadvertently dropped my keys before. I got them back (FAST!) too, the 2nd time..... It is my desire to help people who lose their keys or other items to recover them FAST!  (WITHIN USA & CANADA ONLY****)

INEXPENSIVE!   $25.00 package contains 4 tags. Each tag will have same "serial number" but will be able to be distinguished by the -A, -B, -C, and -D suffix.
Each package will protect a family of 4 people   OR   4 items for one person at one low cost!



LC's KEYFINDERS system is designed to get your keys/stuff back FAST! Unlike most other key recovery systems, my system is unique in several respects. Most other key recovery systems simply ask the person finding the keys to drop them into a mailbox where they MAY actually be returned to their rightful owner SOMEDAY (assuming the organization has current information about the customer's location).  Frankly I don't see the motivation and could see someone who finds keys with such a tag on them to drop them into a garbage can just as easily. 

The Locksmith Charley's LC's KEYFINDERS plan motivates the "finder" of the keys (or other item**) to IMMEDIATELY call the toll-free number by offering a $$REWARD$$ for the IMMEDIATE return of the keys. Once the "finder" contacts the toll-free number the LC's KEYFINDERS staff proceeds to access the customer's record in the database and notify the customer by many means *see below that their keys have been found and we then provide the customer with a means to contact the "finder". 

After your initial purchase of LC's KEYFINDERS ($20.00 plus shipping for a set of 4 tags) you will never have to pay another penny unless you lose your keys (or other protected property**), it is found by someone, the "finder" calls our toll-free number and we help you and the "finder" to hook up to recover your property. If that happens you will be required to pay the "finder" a $25.00 reward and a $15.00 administrative fee to LC's KEYFINDERS. There are no hidden charges and  no reoccurring charges. 

LC's KEYFINDERS will NEVER release any information about a customer to anyone. Therefore the security of the customer is always maintained. LC's KEYFINDERS will only share with the customer information on who the "finder" is and how to make contact with them. 

recommends that our customers make arrangements to meet with the "finder" in a public place which is safe (such as a police station, fire station, restaurant, or gas station) to recover their property. If your keys or property have been stolen please let our staff know immediately as we will do whatever we can to cooperate with local law enforcement to help you apprehend the criminals and to protect you!


Once your LC's KEYFINDERS package arrives you will be able to log on to the LC's KEYFINDERS  site.
Once logged into the site you will be able to complete the registration form for each of the 4 tags.
After that, any time that  you move, change telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. you will be able to easily access and update your record by using the LC's KEYFINDERS  site


You may purchase the LC's KEYFINDERS package online right now by clicking on this button!              


If you have any questions about this product or our service you may feel free to contact me at Charley@keyfinders.org 

Miscellaneous Notes

*immediately upon receipt of a call from a "finder" we will immediately make concerted attempts to contact you. We will make telephone calls to all of the following numbers (assuming you keep your file updated):
home phone, work phone, pager, cell phone, fax phone. We will also attempt to make contact with you on the web by sending you an E-mail to your primary and secondary e-mail addresses, and sending an e-mail to yourICQnumber@pager.icq.com (if you're an ICQ user). When I sent a test message to my ICQ number it came through within 5 minutes. You can test it for your system by clicking the link above then changing TO: by inserting your ICQ# where the text 'yourICQnumber' is.  

SPECIAL NOTE for YAHOO and AOL messenger users:
My initial concept for this product included the idea of notification on YAHOO and AOL instant messenger systems just like the ICQ notification above, but both YAHOO and AOL tell me they can't (won't?) do it (yet?!?!).

** The "LC's KEYFINDERS" tags can be used for any item you want to get back if you lose it.... such as: cameras, camcorders, laptop computers, notebooks, backpacks, briefcases, etc.

****The LC's KEYFINDERS product will ONLY work in the US & CANADA because of the limitations on toll free numbers. Don't think that this is going to help you get ANYTHING back outside the US & CANADA.



Your personal (or business) computer MAY be being attacked at this very moment and you may not even be aware of it - until its too late. Please review the information at www.keyfinders.net/security/secure.htm and protect yourself!




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